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Fur season is sadly almost upon us. We cannot ignore the senseless devastation created by this archaic industry. This baby coyote had to be euthanized after trying to chew off his own leg in order to escape the trap meant to hold him until the device’s owner could find and kill him. I’m constantly shocked that in 2013 many “fashionistas” still prioritize their vanity over their values.

Please don’t buy animal skins disguised as apparel, and never be afraid to inform the public about this industry’s atrocities. 

This image is not at all representative of fur-trapping as a whole.
The point of this image is to “prove” how “horrible” fur trapping is and how barbaric leg-hold traps are. It’s a bullshit photo and complete misrepresentation.
You may not see it, but anybody well-versed in fur trapping and leghold traps like myself or any trapper on Tumblr can tell right away what the problem here is: There are no swivels on that trap.
It appears that instead of a chain with swivels, the trap was anchored with a thick piece of wire. When wire gets twisted, it bunches up and tangles and eventually you can’t twist  it anymore - this is why the coyote’s leg was broken.

You NEED swivels on traps, it is AGAINST THE LAW to place foothold traps that do not have swivels. Some trappers even state that the best trap chain would be one made entirely of swivels. Swivels are a requirement because they keep injuries like this from occuring.

What you’re looking at is not the trap or result of a responsible trapper, it’s not an image that represents fur-trapping, it’s a trap set by a poacher, an illegal trapper who clearly does not care for the animals or the laws set to protect animals from abuse like this.

On the topic of injured animals in traps, animal rights groups have actually staged that abuse as well. Numerous instances (such as an anti-fur film created in 1972 in Canada) are found where animal rights activists have incorrectly set traps in fenced off areas and encouraged the animals to run into them so they could film it.
You can read about this here:
and watch the video here:

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